Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here goes nothin'!! blog...pressure, pressure, pressure.

I suppose that I should sum up exactly what I'm doing with this thing.  A really simple explanation is that I'll be using this blog to write about film.  

Maybe you'll visit here and find that I've posted a movie review for some trash movie I caught at the Park Slope Pavilion (my local theater here in Brooklyn).  Or, you might find me talking about a film that I've recently watched in class (I'm currently a student of the CUNY Unique and Independent Studies Program, and my major is Cinematic Theory and Aesthetic Communication). It's also quite possible that I'll run my papers on this blog for others to peruse and comment on.  

Whatever I may post here, I sincerely hope to have a dialogue with anyone who wishes to comment.  You can also reach me at  

In order to start this show, I suppose that I should take a moment to tell you about my five current favorite films.  

Short explanation: I don't believe in "favorite films." I believe that if you have an "all time favorite film," one of two things is happening...

1.) You simply haven't seen many films or...
2.) Your subjecting yourself to the same films over and over.

So when I say that this is a list of my current favorites, I mean that they're simply movies that I've picked off of the top of my head that I happen to love.

1.) Blue Velvet (1986) - David Lynch

I love this film because it is so ambiguous.  I've read over a dozen essays on the film, and each form of criticism (whether feminist, post-modern, Freudian, etc.) has extremely valid points.  Besides the ambiguity, it is beautifully photographed, thrillingly mysterious, and extremely odd.  Last but not least, Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth may be my absolute favorite movie villian of all time.

2.) Aguirre: Der Zorn Gottes (1972) - Werner Herzog

The film is incredibly hypnotic.  To me, it feels as if it takes place in a complete dream-like state.  The imagery of the jungle is used to great effect as madness overtakes Aguirre and those who follow him.  For some reason (which probably deserves greater meditation on my part), the final moments of the film are terribly haunting, and they stay with me for days after viewing the movie.

3.) Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - Danny Boyle

It's kind of fashionable to say nasty things about this movie right now.  While I agree that it's absolutely formulaic...damn...the formula just works so well here.  The cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is wonderful (especially the kids), and the story is moving.  Though we know how it will end (it is formula after all), we find it invigorating because it is a new way of getting to the ending.  Also, the dance scene in the credits is wonderful, and leaves the viewer in a joyful mood while leaving the theater.

4.) The Big Sleep (1946) - Howard Hawks

Okay...first of cool is Bogart in this movie?  The ladies love him here.  The plot may not be immediately approachable, but this is the kind of movie that you should watch more than once.  Not that it's hard to watch.  Tough dialogue and fun characters make this version of the Chandler book one of the most watchable film noirs out there, in my opinion.

5.) The Goonies (1985) - Richard Donner

(Okay, I'm adding this so that anyone reading my blog doesn't think that I'm some sort of snotty film snob.  I am, but I try not to be snotty about it)

Who could be snotty about this film anyhow?  It's everything that a family film should be.  It's exciting and fun, with humor for children and adults.  I can't imagine a person who could hate this movie (although I'd love to hear Robin Wood's thoughts on it).  Anyhow, suffice it to say that I love this movie so much that I watch this movie about once a month.  It's such a comfort movie for me.

Okay then.  That's it for now.  As you can see, I'm not the most tech savvy person on the planet, so if my blog seems a little bare bones for now...just keep coming back.  I'm a quick learner.

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